About Us

TeachFund provides the world’s educators with the support they need in order to allow them to focus on what is important – teaching! TeachFund is the most effective and simple way for teachers and coaches to raise money, communicate with parents and eliminate the endless paper forms they deal with every day outside of the classroom. We are currently located in Louisville KY and Pittsburgh PA


Who can use TeachFund?

Teachers, Administrators, and Coaches should sign up for either "Host" or "School" accounts. Anyone is welcome to make a donation either by signing up for a donor account or by doing so anonymously.

What does it cost to use TeachFund?

It's free to launch a campaign or E-signature form on TeachFund! For every transaction on Teachfund, PayPal takes their standard 2.8% + 30 cents to process payments, and TeachFund keeps 2% of every transaction in order to keep the site secure and up to date. For example on a $100 donation PayPal would keep $3.10, TeachFund would keep $2.00 and the educator would receive $94.90 instantly. Once we grow we will be able to lower our rates even more. The bottom line is you will never receive a bill to use TeachFund!

Do I have to create an account?

A "School" or "Host" account is required if you want to create a funding campaign. We encourage everyone else to create a "Donor" account in order to take advantage of all the features made available to our users.

What is the difference between the account types?

A "School" account is for administrators that oversee either an entire school or group of schools/ sports teams and would publish large funding campaigns like a new playground or basketball hoop. A "Host" account is for teachers and coaches who oversee just one class or team and would normally create smaller funding campaigns for everyday supplies like pencils or jerseys. Whether you sign up for a School or Host account, there is no limit to the amount of money you can raise! Donor accounts are for parents or anybody who wishes to track their donations, subscribe to the teachers they want to hear from, or fill out permission slips digitally.

Why should I donate?

Funding is the primary restraint holding back students, educators, and schools from that ideal educational experience, and annual state budget cuts are only hampering that more! With your donation we can give back a little of what is being taken away. Most donations are tax deductible and can earn you a chance at our monthly giveaway!

How do I know my money is safe and being spent properly?

All transactions are run through PayPal's processing system which you can read more about below. Once a funding goal has been met we encourage the host to update their campaign page with photographic proof of how the money was spent. So if it was all for a field-trip to the Science Center, the host would post pictures from the trip for all to see! Also feel free to message the host if you ever have any questions. https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/paypal-safety-and-security

What can I use TeachFund for?

Educators and parents can use TeachFund to, raise money for any school need, send and fill out permission slips online, communicate with each other, create and purchase school supply lists and subscribe to educators you want to hear from. There are addtional features on top of these and new ones being developed all the time. If you have an idea for a new feature please let us know!

Why should I use TeachFund over other similar websites?

TeachFund combines the best features of similar websites and puts them into one place. We feel educators are too busy to visit multiple websites to get their work done. Our goal is simple, make the work educators have to do outside the classroom as fast and simple as possible.